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Train the Trainer – 3 Day Public Speaking Seminar – Toronto

Training Business Pros- Train the Trainer Seminar Type: Public Speaking Seminar
Date: Friday, July 29 –
Sunday, July 31, 2011
Time: Registration: 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Event 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Location: GTA – Location TBA
Specific Details to be provided to Registrants
Promo Code: 123

Toronto, Ontario

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Seminar Details



Train the Trainer Certification

Train the Trainer is a 3-Day Intensive presentation marketing course held 3 times a year in Toronto, Canada and 4 times a year at various locations throughout the USA. It is designed for authors, speakers, trainers, executives, business owners and experts who will be training, public speaking and/or giving a keynote address.

Candidates are selected through an application process, and the courses are limited to 30 trainers/public speakers per session. You are guaranteed personal one on one training with our CEO.

Course Synopsis

This “learn by doing” 3-Day Intensive is designed to help you learn faster and retain more.

You will learn:







  • The perfect introduction template that will enroll and engage 100% of your audience
  • How to eliminate the fear of public speaking once and for all
  • You will receive our CEO’s training template – that you can duplicate for your own desired results. Deliver your content and data – the exact order that it should be delivered in, and learn the key elements to steering the group psychology in the way that you intend!
  • 5 Suggestology techniques that can make you a Breakthrough speaker
  • Basic NLP techniques to help become an effective trainer/speaker
  • Key logistics: Why room set up is critical to group psychology, and 10 pre-training areas that DEMAND your attention before each training/keynote.
  • Learn by doing! You will be training within hours!

Here is what the Trainer the Trainer Certification delivers that their competition can not!


  • They offer a lifetime tuition! Your one-time tuition give you lifetime access into any of Training Business Pros’ Train the Trainer programs throughout Canada and the USA. You may attend as often as you wish! You may want to continue to polish your skills, update your skills, or just network with high achievers. It’s up to you!
  • Training Business Pros believes in free publicity. They help you create your one-sheet and 4 segment ideas for the media and teach you how to pitch!
  • How to put “bums in seats” at your seminars using presentation marketing and trade show marketing.
  • The CEO, Paul Tobey, is also an internet marketing expert. You’ll get valuable information on how to maximize your internet presence to attract new customers
  • You’ll learn key elements required on your website to help you leverage and grab hold of a competitive edge
  • You will receive Paul Tobey’s “secret” training template
  • You will learn how to design the most irresistible offer and how to make an offer from the stage (convert your bums in seats into sales)
  • Magicians keep their secrets. So do the top speakers. Here you will learn some incredible “top speaker” secrets you will never find in any book.

Qualifications and Application Deadlines?

  • You and/or your company has real-world experience in a niche market
  • You have solid credentials in your industry
  • You have a book or plan to write a book in the very near future to help you position yourself as an expert in your category.
  • You are deeply committed to helping people and changing lives
  • You are willing to accept guidance to help you dramatically increase your effectiveness as a master leader/trainer
  • You are a legitimate brand with no prior history with the law.
Prices: Register By Clicking the Link Below for the Train the Trainer – Beyond Public Speaking Certification – intensive training seminar. 



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Register for this Seminar!
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