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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions on how to get the most out of any seminar you attend:

Please Note: If answers to the the below questions are available for any of seminars or events on our website, we will provide that information in the Overview section for that seminar or event.

Questions for Seminar Goers or Attendees?

Q: How early should I arrive at a seminar?
A: First check our website to see if registration times are provided. If registration time are not available, we suggest that you show up 1 to 1 1/2 hours before the seminar begins (on the first day for multi-day seminars). This should give you adequate time to register and get comfortable before the seminar begins.
For multi-day seminars, you only need to arrive early the first day and arrive at the scheduled start time for subsequent days, but we do recommend to show up a little early to get a good seat and take advantage of valuable networking opportunities.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Most conferences, including a wide spectrum of dress from casual to business suits, but the general consensus would be to wear business casual.
Comfort is the most important rule, especially, comfortable shoes. Wear shoes that are already well-broken-in, and some good shoe insoles for extra support and comfort.
Dress in layers as temperatures in large seminar rooms and lecture halls will vary and are very unpredictable.

Q: What should I bring to the seminar?
A: We suggest that you bring a note pad and 2-3 pens. Bring some bottles water and a snack in case you get hungary. Also, bring plenty of business cards, as many seminars are great place to network and meet like minded people. Some Seminar Producers will provide material prior to the event, if provided bring this material as well.

Q: Can I bring a friend to the seminar?
A: YES is most cases, just send them to Seminar Insiders and we will give them all the information they need to register for the seminar.

Q: Is any food or beverages provided at the seminar?
A: At most seminars concession stands are available on event grounds or near by. Inquire in advance with the seminar providers or at the Hotel/Conference Center where the seminar is being held as to what is available.

Q: Can I have my cell phone on at the seminar?
A: It is very tempting to stay in touch with the office or family while at an all day seminar or event, but ringing cell phones can be very disruptive. Presenter will usually ask then cellular devices be turned off or on vibrate at the beginning of the session, but if it has not been mentioned it would still be polite to do so.
Please also leave the seminar room before answering or making any necessary calls.

Q: Do you validate or pay for parking at your seminars?
A: No. Parking arrangements and fees are your responsibility. If you are concerned about parking fees or availability, please contact the facility that is hosting the event.

Questions for Seminar Presenters and Organizers?

Q: How often Do You Add New Seminars? How often do you update seminars on the website?
A: We update and add new seminars as they become available to us. We add and update information on a continuous basis and try to ensure that information on the website is accurate at all times.

Q: I have a seminar, What do I have to do to advertise it on the Seminar Insiders’ website ?
A: Seminar Insiders only advertises valued-added professional and personal development seminars on our website. The seminars should focus on helping people obtain their life goals.

We do not promote network marketing, MLM or home-based businesses with affiliates. We also deal directly with seminar organizers and not seminar affiliates for any major or minor seminar. This enables us to clarify all event details, keep information up-to-date and confidential and service Seminar Insider users to the best of our abilities.

If you have any other questions regarding seminars that have not been answers in this section please check the Seminar Tips section for more insight into seminars.

If there are any unanswered question which you would like us to inquire about, please fill out the form below and we will look into the matter and find an appropriate answer to your question.

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