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How to Convince Your Boss to Pay Your Way to a Seminar

There are many reasons to enjoy attending a conference or seminar in your industry.

One is simply the change of pace and the chance to get out of the office. However, that is not going to sell the idea of paying for a seminar to your boss.

If you’ve decided you want to attend a conference this year here are a few ways to convince your boss to foot the bill.

Be a good employee. It’s sounds obvious enough but in today’s society this trait seems to be overlooked. If your boss knows you spend a large amount of your time goofing off then there’s no reason for him to pay money for you to goof off at a seminar. If you’re the type of employee who only works when someone is watching over your shoulder than you’re a lousy candidate for a conference. Your boss will assume you probably wouldn’t even show up at the classes.

Tell your boss about the speakers. If the movers and shakers of your industry are going to speak at the conference then this is double bonus. You’ll not only get to hear the latest industry news from the top people in your field. but you’ll also get a change to network and meet people who will be advantageous contacts in the future.

Find a seminar that shows a list of specific classes and what they’ll cover. Show your boss the list and which of the classes you plan to attend.

Explain how the classes you want to attend will help you in your job. In other words, how will what you learn in these classes help your company.

Convince your boss you’ll gain knowledge in how to accomplish the following:

  • Make more sales
  • Bring in new customers
  • Retain current customers
  • Make customer service more efficient
  • Increase profit margins
  • Lower inventory costs
  • Work faster without losing accuracy
  • Use technology more efficiently

Your boss needs to know how the information you’ll learn will have a positive effect on the company’s bottom line.

Always remember it’s not about YOU. It’s not about you needing a break from the office. It’s not about you wanting a free trip out of town. It’s not about adding to your knowledge so you can get a promotion and a raise. Though this might be the case, these are not the reasons you want to present to your boss.

Let your boss know that if you’re given this opportunity you’ll use your new found motivation and knowledge to help your company. If you convince him of that, you can start packing.

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