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Seminar Tips

Here are some great proven tips provided by some of your fellow “Seminar Junkie” on how to get the most out of any seminar you attend:

Seminar Tip # 1 – Free Your Mind!
Seminar Tip # 2 – Know Your Purpose!
Seminar Tip # 3 – Have Realistic Expectations!
Seminar Tip # 4 – Take Lots of Notes!
Seminar Tip # 5 – Participation in All Activities!
Seminar Tip # 6 – Asking questions for Clarification and greater insight!
Seminar Tip # 7 – Perceived Value vs. Actual Value!
Seminar Tip # 8 – Meet People! Network!
Seminar Tip # 9 – Arrive Early and Get a Good Seat!
Seminar Tip # 10 – Dress Comfortably
Seminar Tip # 11 – Eat Well and Drink Lots of Water!

To get the most out of any seminar, you need to have the right attitude and the right mind-set. Seminars can be a great way to learn the latest and greatest techniques, get motivated and build your network. Being prepared before you walk through the door will give you that extra edge to make it even better. See you at your next seminar.

If you have any other questions regarding seminars that have not been answers in this section please check the FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions section for more insight into seminars.

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