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4-Take Lots of Notes!

Seminar Tip # 4 – Take Lots of Notes!

Bring a note pad, a a stack of post-it notes and 2 to 3 pens to the seminar. While jotting down your notes indicate key points that were emphasized by the speaker or ideas that you want to revisit again with a post-it note. Then, when you go home, revisit all the post-it note pages first and create a master action list of those ideas or actions that you what to implement into you business or day-to-day activities.

Take a couple of pieces of paper and put them at the very front or back of your seminar notebook. As you learn new things that you want to incorporate or you get ideas, jot them down on the list. Do not censor your thoughts, just jot them down.

When you get home review your notes and list of ideas and decide if and how you want to move forward with each item. Read and re-read your notes, because the more times you repeat something, the faster you learn it. Repetition is the best way.

Be sure to take good notes. Personally, I find that the less I write, the better, since it’s so hard to catch up after a conference. Put big stars next to any actions you want to take when you get back, and circle good information that you want to be sure you will notice a week after the conference is over.

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