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6-Ask Questions!

Seminar Tip # 6 – Ask Questions for Clarification and Greater Insight!

As you listen to the presenter, questions will begin to form in your mind. Write down these questions as you take notes so that you can remember to ask them when the opportunity presents itself.

Most presenters will let you know at the beginning of the seminar their stance on when they take questions. Most presenters do not like to be interrupted during their presentation and ask that you reserve questions for the end of the session. Others are happy to take questions throughout the presentation, especially if it facilitates a constructive discussion in which all participants can express their opinions and address any issues of which they are unsure.

Another part of attending seminars is the inevitable question-and-answer period at the end. Your mind may be blank of questions after spending 45 minutes (or more) absorbing what the speaker is saying. Review any questions you have written down prior to the Q & A session and if they are still unanswered ask away during this time.

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