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7-Value of A Seminar

Seminar Tip # 7 – Perceived Value vs. Actual Value

Does a seminar that you paid $5,000 to attend offer you more valuable information then one that you attend for FREE?

The value in a seminar does not come from how much you paid to be there, but from the value in the information and knowledge you acquire. Even in a single seminar their will be individuals who have paid full price meanwhile other in the room who have received an invitation to attend for FREE, who is going to get the most out of the seminar? Human mentality is to put more value on items you have purchased with you hard earned money. This means you are more likely to pay more attention and put more effort into a seminar or activity that you have paid for over something you received for FREE.

Therefore the tricks to get the most out of a seminar is to imagine that you paid a ridiculous amount of money to attend the seminar, even if you got the tickets for free. That perceived value will give you the push and you will see a definite difference in your attitude and enthusiasm!

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