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Wealth From Marketing Event – Sydney, Australia

Wealth From Marketing Event - Brisbane, Australia Type: Financial/Wealth Marketing Seminar
Date: Saturday, September 11, 2010
Time: Registration from 8.15am
Event: 9.00am to 7.30pm
Location: Wesley Convention Centre
220 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
Sydney, Australia
Promo Code: Referred by Seminar Insiders.

Sydney, Australia

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Seminar Details


The Wealth From Marketing Super Seminar

Every Single Thing You Need to Know to Work Less and Earn More Using Low Cost Marketing Strategies

An event like this has NEVER been held before and it will NEVER be held again. Why? Firstly, Jay Levinson has never spoke at a public event in Australia, and as one of the elders of the marketing world, there is no better time to see him. What’s more, the line-up of speakers also includes a who’s who of low-cost marketing experts giving you the inside secrets to the best low-cost marketing strategies on the planet.

There simply has never been another event like this ever held in Australia before. Yes, even the events which charge anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 a head don’t come anywhere close to this.

What you will Learn:

  • The top 20 secrets of guerrilla marketing – and why knowing them will win you massively more customers and save you flushing your marketing budget down the drain
  • The 12 personality traits you must develop to be a successful marketing guerrilla
  • The 8 things every profitable guerrilla marketer must do online
  • How to launch a guerrilla marketing attack – the weapons you must use and the tactics for victory
  • After decades in marketing and communications, the “Father of Guerrilla Marketing” believes there are 8 important questions you need to ask and some crucial answers you need to know too… discover what they are at Wealth From Marketing

Joel will show you…

  • How to stand out and get heard in a “Sound Bite, Headline, Hyperlink” world!
  • What the real “Media Jackpot” is. (CLUE — it’s not what you think!)
  • How to put YOU in your YOU-nique selling proposition – and why you must!
  • How the pros sell the problem before the solution – and why you must!
  • The 3 questions you must be able to answer before any pitch, presentation or sale.
  • The biggest mistake people make in communicating about their business.
  • An elegant model for telling your story in 1 minute or less
  • The 4 Essential Balances every great communicator must have
  • The 2-chemical formula that leads to funds
  • The single most powerful communications strategy in the world
  • The #1 Secret to a great interview, pitch or sale!
Prices: Register for your FREE, Complimentary Tickets, Today! Take advantage of these complimentary tickets  while they are available as seats are limited.

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Register for this Seminar!
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